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Book Sisters Productions LLC

We are an independent film company from New Hampshire. Our mission is to be the voice for independent authors in our region and beyond. We want to show that it's possible for other self-published authors to put their writing on the big screen!

The Team

The People of BSP


Killarney Traynor has worked both sides of the camera in the independent film world. Working with her brother's company, Narrow Street Films, she wrote and directed two feature films, "Michael Lawrence" and "The Dinner Party", as well as a short film "The Fair Fight." For nearly three years, she co-hosted the Early Late Night Live Show on local TV, and has appeared in numerous short films, such as "Mrs Osborne", "Tales of the Inexplicable", "Rockets in Space", and "The Robotic Horseman". A writer with a love of history and mystery and old-timey sci-fi, she's authored several books and always seems to be in the middle of too many projects - not that she'll even consider cutting back!  Killarney is excited to start this new venture with buddy Ceara Comeau and firmly believes that the best is yet to come.

Killarney Traynor

Filmmaker-Director-Screenplay Writer

From an early age, Ceara Comeau has always been fascinated with the “big screen”. Throughout her life she often imagined herself in the places of the characters in the books she read. It wasn’t until her freshman year of high school that she landed the lead role in her first play—Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing”.  A year later, she wrote a story which was then turned into a film by her cousin titled, “Plagued” which was premiered in a local movie theatre.  During the summer of 2009, Ceara stared in her first film written and directed by her cousin. It was an educational film premiered in local high schools titled, “Silenced”.  Ceara’s latest acting role was in her freshman year of college where she played a supporting role in a holiday play—“The Gift of the Magi”. Recently her film projects consist of turning her Amber Oak short stories into screenplays.

Ceara Comeau
Actor-Screenplay Writer