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Artist Collaboration

One of the core beliefs of Book Sisters is that artists should be helping each other out! On this page, we will be promoting the artists we have worked with whether it be logos, songs, or even props that are in the films! Please check out their work and help us support other artists! Do you know an artist who'd like to work in the film industry? Send them our way!

Kate's Image.jpg
Kate Eppers

Singer, songwriter, and actress--Kate Eppers hails from New Hampshire and is a close friend of the Book Sisters family! She has numerous songs on her Spotify channel and she even made the theme song to the Amber Oak series! Check her out!

Matt Crafton

Another New Hampshire native, Matt Crafton of Space Viking Productions is a long-time friend of our director, Ceara Comeau. He even designed two of her book covers. 

He aided Book Sisters in the design of the Amber Oak logo and Space Ship logo which will be seen throughout the series. Check out his other awesome work here! 

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